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Welcome to Crayford Kebabs,
Do you feel like ordering in? Are you too tired to dress up and go out for dinner? Well, there is no problem at all because Crayford Kebabs is here to cater for you right at your home. Are you wondering what kind of food we can deliver? Everything; from Fast Food to proper meals; you get everything when you order your dinner at Crayford Kebabs.
Our lavish and delicious menu includes tasty dishes like Kebabs, Wraps, Burgers and even side orders like chicken wings. But we have something special for your family as well – delicious kids’ meals will woo your kids. Can it get any easier than this? We don’t think so. So next time you feel like ordering ANYTHING to eat while you sit back and relax at home, think of Crayford Kebabs!
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Open 7 Days a Week
Sun-Thu: 3pm - 10pm
Fri-Sat: 3pm - 12am
Delivery Hours
Sun-Thu: 4pm - 10pm
Fri-Sat: 4pm - 12am

Recent Web Reviews

Absulutly gorgeous! thank you xxx

Claire Tormey

Jun 14,2022

Always order every Friday and never disappointed. Food delicious, best kebabs in town!!

Teresa Tipler

Sep 11,2021

Tried all others in surrounding areas.... Some decent but way overpriced with small portions and poor service once they got popular! Some decent yet not consistent! This shop I tried a while back and was happy so went back and I will go back to any place or service that happy with! If its a one off I will give it another try based on we all have a bad night etc. This kebab shop so far on a fair few times has been very good food with a good portion size (some places you order a large and get similar to a small and some I've ordered chicken doner and got lamb etc) again this place has given good good portion size yet is slightly cheaper then other places so great value for money. They don't charge for delivery if you go direct to their website and not use just eat. I never normally give reviews wether good or bad but I can't fault this kebab shop on quality and value! I give review as to help others but also this shop as if the keep prices the same they may not earn as much as other greedy shops but if others know about this place and the shop gets more business it will then help them and also benefits the customers also! I wish I knew of this shop years ago! I can only go on my experiences with them but so far the food the price and service has been as good as I can ask for! Ive gone on a bit in my review, but its only to explain my review not just "great" that has no context!.... I highly recommend and hopefully I continue to get the same good service and food as again I never review good or bad but I have to give credit where its due and to show other customers this place is the best around..... Give them a go and see for yourself. Also see how much cheaper it is if you have a family of 4/5 let alone no £2.50 delivery plus 50p service charge etc. I'm sure you will see what I mean! Give them a go you hopefully won't be disappointed as the numerous times I've ordered the food has been 10/10

David Bayfield

Sep 10,2021

Very easy to order online and they came bang on time. Chicken and lamb were good,red cabbage would of been nice

Heidi Palmer

Aug 25,2021

Delivery very quick, nice ad hot and very tasty

Gary Bothwell

Jul 10,2021

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